Thursday, October 29, 2009

Toby Give Me Srength....

As it turns out it is really hard moving to a new country and not speaking the language. Especially when my favorite past time is meeting and talking to new people. There's been very little real conversation had with any residents in Buenos Aires. Just broken, remedial, uninteresting exchanges resulting in a few people losing interest in trying to talk to me. Which is understandable considering it is probably as awesome as talking to a mute who stares blankly at you. Unblinking. Sike! I blink guys, but I've really got nothing to respond with other than a silent stare. It's even more frustrating that I can half understand what people are saying but don't know how to say anything back. I'm crossing my fingers that one of these mornings I wake up and the language click's in my head, I become fluent and can go about my merry way chatting people up, throwing around funnies and talking mess about mullets, hostel life and how no one feels the need to refrigerate anything.

And call me intolerant but I have had it with the washrag situation in all other countries I have visited outside de los Estados Unidos. I know I'm a little over zealous when it comes to cleaning but this is no over-reaction people! The washrags in this town don't wipe up anything. They just push messes around, spreading them out into a thinner layer than they were initially. A non-american washrag doesn't soak up water either. Nope, just leaves it standing on whatever surface fell victim to a spill or attempted wipe down (that created a more gear grinding experience than it should have). The whole reality of the situation is very irritating. But it's cool, just another cultural learning experience.

Dear America,

You are so pretty, clean and fun to talk to. I miss you.

Wait for me....


In support of Southie and to keep myself from buying an AMERICAN FLAG t-shirt, NRA Membership and The Best of Toby Keith, here's a list of South American Yahtzee's:

A Dollar is worth 4 pesos.
The average Argentinean man is a supermodel.
Buenos Aires plays the jams! Everywhere, in all the stores, homes, street vender's all play the best songs from the 80's and 90's that a girl could ask for!
You can stay up as late as you want and it's not all that embarrassing to get up at 1:30 in the afternoon.
You can call and have coffee, ice cream, vino, etc. delivered to your doorstep!
Whilst driving, you can use traffic lanes, or not. Whatever you feel like.
All beef and wine is delicious, no matter what end of the spectrum you buy on.
There's a pretty substantial Rasta community.
A pastry full of mashed potatoes is 25 cents and is called a "Special Snack"


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