Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Laura and I have added Buenos Aires to the long list of places we are really cool in. We partied until 6am with a bunch of Colombian bands who were touring the continent. I was feeeeling the beats and spent the whole night dancing face to face with a cowhide drum, fur still on. We didn't know we had missed bed time completely, until we walked outside to broad daylight but that is neither here nor there. We have had zero concept of time this whole trip. As neither of us were all that sauced up and both of us were super excited about being so rad, we decided not to go to bed and instead walk a mile to the Floralis Generica which is one of the prettiest sculptures I've ever visited. That is even considering the condition we were in: exhausted, wanted snacks, had to go to the bathroom, etc.

The moral of this story is: The Floralis Generica, Laura and myself are off the chain.

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  1. Ba ha ha ha! You're like a female version of Terd Ferguson