Sunday, October 25, 2009


Symptoms of neither malaria nor dengue fever have revealed themselves. I'm still on the look out never know with viruses.

Yesterday was a happy bust. Laura and I thought we were going to be able to waltz into the fancy area of town, get ourselves and apartment for a third the normal price and settle into a new, trendy bohemian exesitance in Buenos Aires. As it turns out, Argentinians are having none of that nonsense. We got no such living quarters and are instead moving a few blocks down the street, still in the hood, to our own apartemento, which will be legit compared to the lamebutt hostel we are in now. Added plus: the manager of said apartment, Martin, is super fly.

Aside from not getting exactly what we wanted, the day was great! We passed a woman and her little boy walking down the street and as we did he whirled around to exclaim, "Oh! Que lindo vestido!!!" (oh, what a cute dress!) which made me feel like I'd made a good clothing choice. 4 year old approved, athankyou!

We made our new friend Yamil walk around with us all day and he was tired after four blocks but stuck it out for another 4 or 5 hours which was admirable, considering his start. Yamil quote 4 blocks into our outing: "I need to meditate less and start exercising more." Don't we all Yamil? Except Laura and I would need to sit around and eat cheese less and start exercising more. To each their own.

Yamil bailed on us near the end of our journey and bussed it back to that wack hostel of ours. Laura and I continued to finish out the walk back only to become witnesses to a RAT ATTACK!!! EEEEK! An enormous Argentinian rat with a mustachio and dreadlocked mullet came running out onto the sidewalk to fetch some eats, I'm assuming, and instead ATTACKED a nice girl's ankle!!! She screamed. I screamed. An old bag lady laughed. It was terribly exciting.

That's all for now. I'll be burrowing into a pile of bread and cheese if you need me.


  1. Hahahha! A mustachio rat! But I mean not funny for that poor girls ankle, ouchy!

  2. Mar - gloriously amusing blog. Long may the adventures continue and be detailed in signature Hartung stylee.