Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pichon means Pidgeon and Rascal

We got Squirted ladies and gentlemen. That's right, we fell victim to the trademark trick of thieves around the world. But instead of having our backpacks squirted with something manageable/savory like ketchup or mustard, this fartface squirted us with the foulest smelling green liquid I have ever had the displeasure to sniff. Laura hypothesized that it was perm chemicals. She would...SURPRISE NEWS FLASH: Laura's curls aren't natural! She's been perming her hair since childhood and tricked us all. That perfectly curled mullet at age 7 was on PURPOSE! Ok, I made that up, the mullet was an accident and no one's fault. Dale and Anita couldn't be expected to know what to do with that mop. But it is suspicious that she knows exactly what perm juice smells like, don't you think?
Anywhom, thanks to a prior warning from aforementioned Dale Huysman (Hi Dale!), Laura knew what that rascal was up to and we escaped without being robbed. In your face first week!

What else happened this past week? Oh yeah, Laura and I swooped an apartment in the city center which is awesome and we only have to share it with one pequito cucarachas so far.

In the process of getting our new habitacion we met the funniest group of Argentinean guys who all work for the same Hostel/Real Estate Company and are all either brothers or friends of each other... They spend their entire days sitting in the main office, talking on 30 phones at once, taking overlapping phone calls and conversing amongst themselves while Laura and I sit there and watch. The first day we spent at the office we were waiting for our contract to be drafted and our keys to be given to us. It took 5.5 hours. Quote from that first day: "If I have to watch more Argentinean men talk on phones I will lose it."-Laura Huysman. She did not lose it and in fact, after the initial learning curve of doing business in Buenos Aires we decided we really liked it. We paid our bill in segments for various reasons, primarily because we could never make it to a bank on time to withdraw the whole amount and ATM's are stingy with dinero dispensing here. But also because we could and no one cared. We spent 3 days (maybe 4? I've lost track) sitting on the white couch of La Rocca Propiedades for hours hanging out with these chuckleheads while they "worked". Activities like that are why a person moves to a foreign country to live for a while. Ahhh, me gusta.

In conclusion: The thief and the guys from la rocca represent two distinct types of pichon's. And I still despise pigeons.

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